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Rosatello SrlFruit-Picking Platforms

Our self-propelled platforms are designed to perform all the actions needed ion the orchard, among which there are fruit picking, thinning, pruning, installation of anti-hail nets and any other routine maintenance operations.
The platforms are particularly suitable for vertical row planting layout, as it’s usually performed for apples, peaches, and plums.

The raiseable working platform and the lateral extensions ensure a high degree of flexibility, making simple every operation.

The self-propelled platforms are fully customizable. Our mission is to satisfy the needs and the requests of our customers, based on the type of use, the methods implemented in the orchard, and personal preferences.

The different models are completed by a series of accessories and options to make your machine unique!

Carro semovente Columbia classic Rosatello


It's the standard model, with a mobile platform 4 meters long.
It's a platform adapted to every type of use and orchard.

Carro semovente Columbia


It's a compact machine, with a mobile platform 3 meters long.
Thanks to its reduced size, this type of machine is particularly adapted for orchards where the room for maneuver is tight.

Carro semovente Columbia maxi


It's an imposing machine, with a mobile platform 5 meters long.
It’s particularly adapted for flat terrain and to fruit picking, with the possibility of placing up to 4 bins.

Carro semovente Columbia 1X


It’s a machine with two different working platforms: one fixed and one mobile.
Thanks to the possibility of having two different levels, it’s particularly adapted to fruit picking and to all the operations that require a simultaneous work at two different heights.

Carro semovente Columbia 2X


It’s a machine with two mobile platforms of equal dimensions.
Thanks to its versatility, it’s perfect for every kind of operation and working need.


By choosing a Rosatello platform, you will have the possibility to customize it with the accessories and options that better satisfy your working needs. Here some examples:

Fruit picking equipment

  • - Parallelogram lift – front and/or rear
  • - Upright lift – front and/or rear
  • - Pliers lift - front and/or rear
  • - Roller conveyors with bin stoppers
  • - Motorized chain conveyors

Pruning equipment

  • - Air compressor with manual or electromagnetic engagement
  • - Compressed air tank
  • - Scissors connection on the working platform

Equipment for a maximum comfort

Equipment for steep slopes

  • - Lateral slope manual correction

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